We love good food! We help people connect to their food by creating beautiful and bountiful gardens. These gardens are not only a source of ingredients but also a place where we express our sense of design, our traditions, and our love for tenderly cultivating life. omegrown Nurseries came out of a desire to grow more than the standard varieties of vegetables. For too long whenever we wanted tomatoes that had more history or more flavor than the standard red tomatoes from a big box store or that generic purple eggplant we had to either grow our own from seeds or go without.

The seeds of Homegrown were born out of this desire for more. While working with home and community gardeners we quickly realized that many of them don't have the space or ability to grow these great varieties from seed. As we set to work finding a way to help people grow these varieties at home, we quickly became confronted with how important it is that people have access to food with flavor and history.

We firmly believe that when people successfully grow great gardens they eat better food at home and make choices about that food that improve their lives, their communities and the environment at large.


Who am I?

Nick Storrs has been working in and around gardens for the past decade. He worked on market farms outside of Burlington, VT before coming to New York City. In the Big Apple, Nick has been a gardener in Central Park and now manages the Randall’s Island Urban Farm. There he raises over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables while teaching others about the importance of good food and engaging students of all ages in our food system.

He is currently an instructor at the New York Botanical Garden as well as offering classes at the Lyndhurst Estate. Click here for a list of classes he will be teaching and how you can sign up.

Where to find us?

You can find us at the propagation sheds at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York. The Lyndhurst estate is home to what was once the the largest private greenhouse in America at the estate of Jay Gould. Located just behind the Gould Greenhouse, are the propagation sheds housing our transplants. The propagation sheds are a beautiful example of a late 1800s Lord and Burnham greenhouse.  

Come visit us during special events at Lyndhurst or in season at the Irvington, and Hastings Farmer's Markets.