Grow a Great Garden!

We work with

  • Home gardeners bringing their harvest directly into the home
  • Community gardeners, growing connections through vegetables and flowers
  • Schools and institutions using vegetables as a way to expand minds, support academics and connect to the rhythms of nature.

Garden Planning

A great garden can mean very different things to different people yet in all cases the foundation of a great garden is design.

A great garden plan can make your time in the garden more effective and more productive. We work with gardeners to help choose site appropriate varieties and cultivars, determine how much of each crop need to be planted, and planting schedules to make sure that there is an abundant harvest all summer  long.

Garden Education

Gardening is one of those wonderful activities where it takes only minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. We can help you improve your skills in the garden through tailored, individual or group lessons.

Work with nature to grow a great garden using organic and regenerative principles, grounded in the creation of healthy soils which will nourish and produce premium veggies.

Garden Maintainence

Get help maintaining and cultivating your garden. Whether you want help with a single visit or weekly work, we can help you grow your garden. We do everything from assisting you with the garden chores to building small structures to full service - leaving a basket of freshly harvested vegetables on the door step.

Contact us to see how we can help in your gardens this season!